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Dreams of Morpheus Book Cover LR.jpg

Dreams of Morpheus

This was a very special commission that will always be dear to my heart. I was asked by the co-author of Dreams Of Morpheus, Paul Harris, if I would be able to create a fitting cover for his book that he was writing. I was honoured to do so - so I created this artwork which I feel suits the tone of the book (of short stories) well.

To give some context, the co-author Paul Harris had been battling with a diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease for the previous few years - and I knew just how important it was to get this book finished and published to him. I believe this book being completed to be an incredible accomplishment to Paul's strength and determination during such huge adversity.

Paul Harris sadly died in 2020. I feel that this book leaves a triumphant legacy for anyone battling illness and also for his whole family , friends and children to be so proud of. I feel honoured to have known Paul and so proud that his dreams came true and I am honoured to have been a small part of this project.

Please click the link to buy/ read on Amazon below.

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