Celestial Cats illustration LR.jpg

Standing at almost 5ft 7ins - this is literally my biggest piece of artwork to date!

This work was created specifically for a huge hallway in a UK residence and was to compliment and be placed  close to a large, decorative stained glass window. Part of the commission was that this would be a unique, one off piece of art that would be original to the premises where it resides.

The owner of this piece is a huge art lover and wanted something original that would take centre stage, make a huge statement to visitors and compliment the colour scheme of the room. The owner loves cats so I used this, and certain colours from the stained glass window accross as my reference.


I wanted the art to look beautiful, strong, romantic... yet with a sense of mystique. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed creating this piece of art, using acrylics and digital drawings. This piece even had it's own first showing party, and the size of the piece literally stops people in their tracks, this will always be a work of art I feel proud that I created.

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