Wall Art Commissions.

A few of my very favourite one off commissions for buyers homes.

Celestial Cats illustration LR.jpg

Celestial Cats.

cats cat illustration art matrokk

Standing at around 5ft 7ins - this is literally my biggest piece of artwork to date!

This work was created specifically for a huge hallway in a UK residence and was to compliment and be placed  close to a large, decorative stained glass window. Part of the commission was that this would be a unique, one off piece of art that would be original to the premises where it resides.

Tropical Water Garden.

Tropic Water Garden illustration LR.jpg

Commissioned by the owner as a stand alone piece for their home. This was created to add colour and vibrancy to the space.

The art has a feeling of movement and tranquility and I am very pleased with how this looks, as was the owner, the art has become the centre-point of the room. The piece was specially framed with complimenting colours from the space in which it resides.

Gladys & Muriel icon.png