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I'm from Manchester, England and I create art. My art is sometimes loud, often colourful and at times futuristic and industrial.


I don't limit myself to one style or movement - but by doing this I have developed a style that is recognisably my own. I make art for walls, illustrations for books - or anything I find interesting.

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Here's a little bit about what makes me tick!


My art style is hyper-stylised, unique and bold.  I use bold lines and bright colour to create atmosphere and make a statement. My style is influenced by pop art, neon, mechanical parts and music! My art style evolves over time.


Common themes  tend to be Ancient Egypt, cats and cyberpunk/ futuristic aesthetic. I watch a lot of sci-fi/ horror films and love rock and synthwave music. I guess these are pretty strong influences in what I draw. I like to draw digitally but often use mixed media and paints where I feel they suit.

I've had some nice successes with my art - it's on album sleeves, book covers and on many walls! I have produced art for... Donaldsons, GVA, Merseyway Shopping Centre, Gaddum, Drak, AvvA and The Lowry Theatre to name just a few.

I feel honoured that people have taken an interest in my work and have it in their homes!

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