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Hi I'm Mat, and I'm from Manchester in Northwest England.

Firstly - I got my nickname 'Matrokk' from the early days of showcasing my art on social media - and it happily stuck!

I have always loved being creative, drawing, painting and photography - and I feel honoured that people enjoy and purchase my work. In fact I have art in homes all over Europe and America. I have also produced art for rock bands, charities, organisations and agencies.

The main inspirations for my art are:

  • Music - I am always listening to music! I love rock and synth

  • Pop art - I just love the colours and the way the images 'pop'

  • Film/ TV - from Twin Peaks to Baywatch - I'm there!

  • Animals - especially cats, I love cats and I love drawing cats!

  • Ancient Egypt - a theme I just cant get enough of

My art style is often bold, colourful and designed to make a splash. I love creating with bright colours and neons and black lines and fine detail. I love drawing faces, tropics and I am interested in brutalism. Whilst distinctly my own - my style and product range is always evolving and changing.

I wanna say thanks for taking an interest in my work. Please check out my art shop, and follow me on instagram.


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