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Faded Shapes


I'm from Manchester, England and I create art. I have always been creative since being a boy. It means everything that many have embraced my work and purchase my art for their homes all over the world.


I make art for walls, illustrations for books - or anything I find interesting. Brief bio below... should you wish to know gory details!

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Here's a little bit about what makes me tick!

I always struggle writing about myself but I think it's always cool to know a little bit about the artist who's work you're viewing - so here goes nothing!


Since being a boy art was my gift and my love - creativity is something that helps me and heals me daily. Art is my go-to and makes me happy! When I am not creating art - I'm noting down ideas to make later. Similarly, God is the best part of my life and I'm thankful to say this. Cats and many other animals have wrapped me round their paws throughout my life - so I love animals and I'm a veggie. I'm very social but I'd be nothing without alone time to create too. 

My art style can be bold, colourful with lots of lines. I draw by hand digitally (exactly the same as drawing on paper) and have a graphic style. I express feelings, vibes or sounds with my art. I use bright colours or muted colour schemes in my work and I'm a fan of brutalist buildings. Brutalism sometimes makes it's way into my art work. I like my style to go where it chooses.

I'm sure you've guessed if you've viewed my art already... common themes are animals, ancient Egypt, cyberpunk and brutalism - not exclusively though.  My art is whatever is on my mind at the time. I've had some nice successes with my art too - It's on album sleeves, book covers and on many walls! I have produced art for... Donaldsons, GVA, Merseyway Shopping Centre, Gaddum, Drak, AvvA and The Lowry Theatre to name just a few.

In other news... I love 16BIT Sonic The Hedgehog & all things that era SEGA! Streets Of Rage 4 is my favourite videogame EVER! I love music (mainly 80's, rock and synth) and I listen to music daily. There is a special place in my heart for Stevie Nicks, I have no words!  Music always playing as i make new art. I'm also a horror and sci-fi film geek (Terminator 1, Sharknado and Planet Terror give you a hint of my bad taste lol) I love reading, well these days... listening to books on Audible - as this leaves my hands free! I'm a Harry Potter fan, Stephen King fan and I LOVE Sylvain Neuvel's Sleeping Giants series (amazing!) lol. 


Just to finish... I'd like to give a very humble and totally huge thank you to those who enjoy my art and/ or have it in their homes. It means so much - and I hope my art brings a little happiness to you personally and those around you. ♥️ 

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